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Chair No.01 Chair No.01 Chair No.01 Chair No.01 Chair No.01

Chair No.01

The No.01 is an outdoor piece of furniture. The lounge chair is designed to be firm and robust. Sitting in the chair feels like you are sitting in a throne. The angles of the seat result into a comfortable but typical lounge sit.

The idea is that the No.01 can be made of second hand scaffolding wood. Most lounge chairs made of wood look very cumbersome and massive. I designed this chair to be exactly the opposite of this. With the design of Gerrit Rietveld’s “Kratstoel” in mind I came up with the No.01. The No.01 is a somewhat more dynamical design due to the angled planks at both sides of the chair.

I have chosen the name No.01 because it is the first piece of furniture I have designed and fully worked out.

If you want more information about the No.01 feel free to contact me.