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Anderson Mobile Estates

anderson mobile estates

This is what you call a mobile home. Anderson Mobile Estates makes everything you wish for. They have even made a mobile estate with a record studio in it. Anderson’s trailers can double their seize by extending the roof and walls. Next to that it is extremely good looking. I am only a bit worried about the price-tag on this one. It is not strange that Anderson’s mobile homes are usually populated by Film stars and singers.



Alfa Romeo 4C

The new exciting Alfa Romeo 4C one of the cheapest cars on the market with a monocoque made of carbon fibre with aluminum. This makes the car stiff and light, less than 900 kg!  It has a 241 pk strong 4 cilinder engine with rear wheel drive. Definitively a mix for fun. This genuine little sportscar can be yours for little more than €60.000,- .

They released a interactive configuration video, where you can select the color and rims you want.




BMW i8 Production Model


I am excited to see that the production model of the BMW i8 is finally there. In my eyes the design of this car is different from everything else that is around today. From a design perspective I am happy to see that a lot of design elements survived in the designproces.  To bad the doors made of glass have not made it to the final stage from it’s concept car, the BMW efficientdynamics.

Next to it’s sleek and futuristic body the BMW i8 features state of the art plugin-hybrid-technology. The electric drive, a powerful with 131 hp is combined with a  1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo engine with 231 hp and 320 Nm of torque. Together the pair accelerates the BMW i8 from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds. It’s a pity that we would have to wait till 2014 before we can some i8’s in the wild.

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