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Coelux: the artificial light that looks real

Coelux is an optical solution with nano technology that artificial reproduce the natural light from the sun and sky, making for example an earthscraper with no windows possible. See a video here.



Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura

I was amazed by the design of this house. The glass wall in front of the house shelters a garden from the busy streets. See more here.



Klemens Torggler: Evolution Door

Evolution Door
Artist Klemens Torggler designs extremely cool and special doors. His door designs are futuristic and unconventional. On the picture above you see his Evolution Door. You can see a video of that door by clicking here.

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Anderson Mobile Estates

anderson mobile estates

This is what you call a mobile home. Anderson Mobile Estates makes everything you wish for. They have even made a mobile estate with a record studio in it. Anderson’s trailers can double their seize by extending the roof and walls. Next to that it is extremely good looking. I am only a bit worried about the price-tag on this one. It is not strange that Anderson’s mobile homes are usually populated by Film stars and singers.



Printing buildings: the future is here!

3d Printed Building

Ever wondered if you could Design your own house and print it in the future? Well, you don’t have to wait longer, the future is here! A company called Contourcrafting is experimentating with printing concrete. They can even print hollow structures. See the video here.

Contourcrafting is probably not the first one with the idea of printing a building. look at Weburbanist for more stunning concepts of 3d printed buildings.